Art Bcause


What is bcause?
bcause is a crowdfunding platform that backs the life of the artist. When you purchase art through bcause your patronage will directly fund your artist’s future projects. You can donate anytime, and you can choose the art you want. Unlike other crowdfunding sites, bcause doesn’t work in single projects or pre-set timelines. Removing these limitations enables art to be made in its organic form.

Why bcause?
bcause it creates a more immediate connection between the artist and patrons. bcause it discloses works and enables creation without delay. bcause it showcases the works purely to show them. bcause it’s the right time for bcause.



A note from the founder, Patrick Hoelck

This is a project I am very passionate about. I created bcause to fund my new book project, as well as my future artistic endeavors. The funds raised will be used for materials needed in my newest projects.

I understand that there are many great organizations to support to better the place that we live in, and I sincerely recognize that those causes must be your first stop.

However, if you are passionate about the creation of art and spread of individualistic creativity, I hope that you can support us as well.

If you are not able to support, please share this project through your social media channels or a friend that might enjoy a new work.

A lot of my more recent projects would not have been possible without crowdfunding. For example, my latest photography book, Polaroid Hotel was funded by donations from around the world.

While our initial goal was to raise $10,000, we actually ended up with almost $14,000. We used the extra $3,700 to employ photography and design students just out of school to print more images for the show.

The sale of the extra 200 books is now being used to create this site, as well as new works.

We are also building our first digital app, titled Polaroid Hotel, which will feature  the book’s images with audio commentary and a camera feature that will shoot Polaroids with your iPhone.

None of this would have been possible without you.

Hopefully this helps explain why I’m doing this, and I encourage you to invite others to get involved and contribute any way they can.

Patrick Hoelck

If you have any feedback on this new approach to funding creative projects, we’d love to hear from you.