Art Bcause



Please allow UP TO one week for shipping. Hand PAINTED items can take up to TWO WEEKS to ship.

How do I pay for my contribution? 

Funding is easy, you can do it through your PayPal or Credit Card.

How do I know what I’m funding?
You can sign up for our private newsletter with a more in-depth descriptions  of the projects featured. Some projects are subject to privacy so they are only disclosed to bcause supporters. We humbly ask that you do not share their status before public release.

Why do artists need funding?
Art, like any other form of work, requires capital. By selling works of art, artists are able to finance their business and continue to create.

What’s my reward for funding a project?
Every artist displays unique, original and exclusive reward options for you to choose from.

Will there be more art to choose from in the future?
Artwork will be frequently updated, so please check for new additions.

What happens if a piece I want is no longer available?
bcause features all original artwork and is therefore rare, so once it is sold out it is gone.

When do I receive my prize?
Typically no later than 30 days from donation.

Can I back out after committing funding?
Sorry, no, rewards are clearly described and displayed before the option to fund a project.

How do I share bcause with others?
You can invite others or share your experiences on the site by clicking any of the social media links.

Is my funding tax-deductible?
If you or your organization has 501c3 status, then your pledge may be tax-exempt.

More questions?
Please email