Art Bcause

How It Works

How do I fund a project? 
Funding is easy, you can do it through your PayPal or Credit Card.

What’s my reward for funding a project? 
Every project displays unique, original and exclusive reward options for you to choose from.

For example, a reward might be an invite to a private premiere, your appearance in the credits, or a special cut of the film that no one else has. When it’s a photography project, I’ll award artist proofs, originals as well as unique numbered editions of the work—in some cases, unique prints of the project before it’s displayed for the public, granting exclusive access only to funders like you. In any case, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting in return for being generous enough to fund my work.

Like the funded projects themselves, reward options will be updated on a regular basis, so there’s always something new to choose from.

When do I receive my prize?
Typically no later than 30 days from donation.

Can I back out after committing funding?
Sorry, no, rewards are clearly described and displayed before the option to fund a project.

Is my funding tax-deductible? 
If the project creator or organization has 501c3 status, which is indicated on those projects, then your pledge may be tax-exempt. For more information on the project or creator’s exemption status, you can contact the creator on the project’s description.

We want your feedback. Like life, Bcause is a work in progress and we’re always looking to make improvements. Please send any feedback to